Deep Learning Approach Combining Lightweight CNN Architecture with Transfer Learning: An Automatic Approach for the Detection and Recognition of Bangladeshi Banknotes

  title={Deep Learning Approach Combining Lightweight CNN Architecture with Transfer Learning: An Automatic Approach for the Detection and Recognition of Bangladeshi Banknotes},
  author={Ali Hasan Md. Linkon and Md. Mahir Labib and Faisal Haque Bappy and Soumik Sarker and Marium-E. Jannat and Md. Saiful Islam},
  journal={2020 11th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICECE)},
Automatic detection and recognition of banknotes can be a very useful technology for people with visual difficulties and also for the banks itself by providing efficient management for handling different paper currencies. Lightweight models can easily be integrated into any handy IoT based gadgets/devices. This article presents our experiments on several state-of-the-art deep learning methods based on Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network architectures combining with transfer learning… 

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  • Computer Science
    2018 3rd International Conference On Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages (IoT-SIU)
  • 2018
Experimental results prove the retrained lightweight model achieves an accuracy of 96.6 % on a held out testing subset, and proves it to be employable for development of dedicated portable systems for identification of banknote denominations.

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It can be concluded that AlexNet can only perform great in testing new data if only the data had previously been trained with similar orientation, and Orientation does give effect to the performance of AlexNet model.

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Bangladeshi banknote recognition by neural network with axis symmetrical masks

  • N. JahangirA. Chowdhury
  • Computer Science
    2007 10th international conference on computer and information technology
  • 2007
Experimental results show that this Neural Network based recognition scheme for Bangladeshi banknotes can recognize currently available 8 notes successfully with an average accuracy of 98.57%.

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The proposed model is using image processing for feature extraction and a basic CNN (convolutional neural network) for identification of currency with the given feature inputs and is being made into a mobile-based application so as to enable a visually impaired person to check for any possible frauds as fast as possible.

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