Deeds, Not Words: The Suffragettes and Early Terrorism in the City of London

  title={Deeds, Not Words: The Suffragettes and Early Terrorism in the City of London},
  author={Rebecca Walker},
  journal={The London Journal},
  pages={53 - 64}
The City of London still provides us with a very visible, physical representation of policing’s response to the IRA’s mainland bombing campaign of the 1990s: the chicanes, police boxes and CCTV cameras at its entry points that collectively form its protective ‘Ring of Steel’. Terrorism though had announced its arrival in the City some 20 years before the bombs at St Mary Axe and Bishopsgate, with the detonation of an IRA car bomb outside the Old Bailey in 1973 — or so living memory would have… Expand
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‘The Buildings are Screaming’: The Spatial Politics of Terrorism in London
This article outlines the need for a sustained investigation into London’s relationship with terrorism. Drawing on recent critiques of security studies, and challenging histories of London’sExpand


In 1894, anarchists plotting to bomb the City of London's Royal Exchange were arrested before they could implement their plan
  • The target in 1895 was believed to be the Royal Observatory: I. Jones, London, Bombed, Blitzed and Blown Up
  • 2016
For an explanation of the controversies see June Purvis's review of Fern Riddell's book: J. Purvis
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The National Archives, Information of Chief
    Were extreme suffragettes regarded as terrorists?
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