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Decriminalization of drugs in Portugal: a controversial experiment for public health

  title={Decriminalization of drugs in Portugal: a controversial experiment for public health},
  author={Kathryn A. Kundrod},
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Data extracted for realist review of alternative measures for dealing with simple possession of drugs

The file associated with this ‘read me’ document is an Excel spreadsheet containing data extracted for a realist review of alternatives to criminalisation for dealing with simple possession of



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The issue of decriminalizing illicit drugs is hotly debated, but is rarely subject to evidence-based analysis. This paper examines the case of Portugal, a nation that decriminalized the use and

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Doubts have been expressed about the way the law will be implemented because the law only sets a framework for those communities that wish to undertake such activities--it is an enabling law, which increases the risk of dissimilarity of implementation in different parts of the country.

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The data show that decriminalization has had no adverse effect on drug usage rates in Portugal, which are now among the lowest in the EU, particularly when compared with states with stringent criminalization regimes, and self-evident lessons should guide drug policy debates around the world.

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