Decriminalization of Sex Work: Feminist Discourses in Light of Research

  title={Decriminalization of Sex Work: Feminist Discourses in Light of Research},
  author={Jacqueline Comte},
  journal={Sexuality \& Culture},
  • J. Comte
  • Published 1 March 2014
  • Sociology, Psychology
  • Sexuality & Culture
Three main ideological stances exist regarding sex work issues: abolitionism, sex-positive feminism, and decriminalization. We argue for decriminalization based on decades of research results. Research on female sex workers is most often done through feminist theory and focus on gender relationships and on the experience of oppression and/or agency. Such studies examine the motivations to do sex work, the experience of being objectified, the stigma related to sex work, and, finally, the impact… 

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  • Sociology
    Crossing Borders: Student Reflections on Global Social Issues
  • 2022
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Examining hopes, aspirations, and future plans of women in non-brothel-based sex work in Kolkata, India

To promote HIV preventive behaviour programmes reaching out to sex workers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) must proactively inquire about women’s future plans and assist them in materialising their future goals, which are mostly concerned with their children's future, a life free of stigma/shame, and financial security in old age.

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Contemporary Research on Sex Work

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Drawing on three research projects in which the author has been involved—all grounded in a sex-as-work approach—as well as the work of others, clear guidelines for ethical, nonexploitive methodologies are embedded in the solutions provided.