Decreasing fall risk in spinocerebellar ataxia

  title={Decreasing fall risk in spinocerebellar ataxia},
  author={Laura Alice Santos de Oliveira and Camilla Polonini Martins and Carlos Henrique Ramos Horsczaruk and D{\'e}bora Cristina Lima da Silva and Jos{\'e} Vicente Pereira Martins and Luiz Felipe Rocha Vasconcelos and E. C. Rodrigues},
  booktitle={Journal of physical therapy science},
[Purpose] Spinocerebellar ataxia consists of a group of autosomal dominant disorders that cause progressive degeneration, mainly in the cerebellum and its connections. Falls, which are a significant concern of this condition, reduce patients' mobility, deteriorate their health and have physical and social consequences. The aim of this study was to test the effectiveness of a modified protocol for improving balance and diminishing the fall risk of spinocerebellar ataxia patients exclusively… CONTINUE READING