Decreasing autopsy rate in Sweden reflects changing attitudes among clinicians.

  title={Decreasing autopsy rate in Sweden reflects changing attitudes among clinicians.},
  author={Lennart C. Eriksson and Christer Sundstr{\"o}m},
  journal={Quality assurance in health care : the official journal of the International Society for Quality Assurance in Health Care},
  volume={5 4},
The autopsy rate has declined in the last 20 years in Sweden and is now approximately 30%. Clinical autopsies constitute about 18% and medico-legal autopsies somewhat more than 10%. There is an obvious geographical variation in clinical autopsy rate, whereas the variation in medico-legal autopsy rate is narrower. The difference in autopsy frequency between males and females seemed to be mainly dependent on the higher number of medico-legal autopsies among males. In order to explore the reasons… CONTINUE READING


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