Decreased motility of bull spermatozoa caused by Mycoplasma bovigenitalium.

  title={Decreased motility of bull spermatozoa caused by Mycoplasma bovigenitalium.},
  author={Victor S. Panangala and A. J. De Winter and Alexander L. Wijesinha and Robert Foote},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={42 12},
Mycoplasma bovigenitalium mixed with bull semen in egg yolk-citrate buffer and held at 5 C caused a highly significant time- and dose-dependent depression in sperm motility. Mycoplasma adhered to a majority of spermatozoa, principally to the acrosome, but also the the midpiece and tail. This may reflect the basis for a naturally observed condition in young bulls in which genital mycoplasmosis is associated with low sperm motility. 

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