Decreased adrenal responsiveness in hypothermic patients.

  title={Decreased adrenal responsiveness in hypothermic patients.},
  author={James V. Felicetta and William L. Green and Charles J Goodner},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={50 1},
We have performed ACTH simulation tests in a total of 14 subjects who were hypothermic at the time of initial presentation. Plasma cortisol values were measured before and 1 h after an iv dose of 25 U synthetic ACTH. The cortisol response was depressed in these subjects, with a mean rise of 32% and an absolute mean rise of 5.0 microgra/dl. There appeared to be a temperature threshold effect, with only minimal responses observed below 32 C. A subgroup of 5 patients with sluggish responses to… CONTINUE READING

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