Decrease of river runoff in the Lake Balkhash basin in Central Asia

  title={Decrease of river runoff in the Lake Balkhash basin in Central Asia},
  author={Kader Kezer and Hiroshi Matsuyama},
  journal={Hydrological Processes},
The decrease of river runoff draining into Lake Balkhash in Central Asia was investigated using hydrological and meteorological data over a long‐term period. The data from the difference integral curves of the annual runoff from 1911 to 1986 suggested that a low‐flow period began in 1970 in the River Ili, and in 1973 in the east rivers, continuing until 1986. Compared with the runoff before 1969, the decrease of runoff in the upper reaches of the River Ili was less than those in the middle and… 

Runoff variations in the Luanhe River Basin during 1956-2002

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Impacts of climatic change on river runoff in northern Xinjiang of China over last fifty years

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The Global Historical Climatology Network: Long-term monthly temperature, precipitation, sea level pressure, and station pressure data

Interest in global climate change has risen dramatically during the last several years. In a similar fashion, the number of data sets available to study global change has also increased.


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