Decrease of cone opsin mRNA in experimental ocular hypertension.

  title={Decrease of cone opsin mRNA in experimental ocular hypertension.},
  author={Heather R Pelzel and Cassandra L. Schlamp and Gretchen L. Poulsen and James A Ver Hoeve and T. Michael Nork and Robert W Nickells},
  journal={Molecular vision},
PURPOSE This study was designed to test the hypothesis that photoreceptors are adversely affected in glaucoma. As a measure of this effect, we examined the levels of rod opsin, and red/green and blue cone opsin mRNAs in monkeys with experimental ocular hypertension and glaucoma and in human eyes from donors with diagnosed glaucoma. METHODS Experimental ocular hypertension was induced in one eye of 19 cynomolgous and 2 rhesus monkeys by laser ablation of the trabecular meshwork. In 15 monkeys… CONTINUE READING
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