Decrease in platelet count during saturation diving.

  title={Decrease in platelet count during saturation diving.},
  author={Hideharu Domoto and Kazuhiko Nakabayashi and Akihide Hashimoto and Shunsuke Suzuki and Takayuki Kitamura},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={72 4},
BACKGROUND The change in platelet count (PC) occurring during saturation diving has rarely been discussed. We set out to clarify the details of this change in PC, and its relationship with: i) the storage depth and duration of the saturation dive, and ii) the presence of decompression bubbles. METHODS In a total of 42 divers, the change in PC was measured in 8 simulated saturation dives (1992-1998) using a Deep Diving Simulator with decompression procedures based on the modified DUKE-GKSS… CONTINUE READING