Decoronation for the management of an ankylosed young permanent tooth.

  title={Decoronation for the management of an ankylosed young permanent tooth.},
  author={Shabtai Sapir and Joseph Shapira},
  journal={Dental traumatology : official publication of International Association for Dental Traumatology},
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Replacement resorption rate is a variable process, and is dependent on age, basal metabolic rate, extra-alveolar time, treatment prior to replantation, amount of root dentin, severity of trauma, and extent of periodontal ligament necrosis. In patients 7-16 years old a tooth is lost 3-7 years after the onset of root resorption. The complications that may develop as a consequence of ankylosis of a permanent incisor in children are due to the inevitable early loss of the traumatized tooth and… CONTINUE READING