Deconvolution-interpolation gridding (DING): accurate reconstruction for arbitrary k-space trajectories.

  title={Deconvolution-interpolation gridding (DING): accurate reconstruction for arbitrary k-space trajectories.},
  author={Refaat E. Gabr and Pelin Aksit and Paul A. Bottomley and A. -B. M. Youssef and Yasser M. Kadah},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={56 6},
A simple iterative algorithm, termed deconvolution-interpolation gridding (DING), is presented to address the problem of reconstructing images from arbitrarily-sampled k-space. The new algorithm solves a sparse system of linear equations that is equivalent to a deconvolution of the k-space with a small window. The deconvolution operation results in increased reconstruction accuracy without grid subsampling, at some cost to computational load. By avoiding grid oversampling, the new solution… CONTINUE READING