Deconstructing de Sitter

  title={Deconstructing de Sitter},
  author={Vijay Balasubramanian and Petr Hořava and Djordje Minic},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Semiclassical gravity predicts that de Sitter space has a finite entropy. We suggest a picture for Euclidean de Sitter space in string theory, and use the AdS/CFT correspondence to argue that de Sitter entropy can be understood as the number of degrees of freedom in a quantum mechanical dual. 
De Sitter entropy from conformal field theory
We propose that the entropy of de Sitter space can be identified with the mutual entropy of a dual conformal field theory. We argue that unitary time evolution in de Sitter space restricts the total
Constraining de Sitter Space in String Theory.
It is argued that the heterotic string does not have classical vacua corresponding to de Sitter space-times of dimension four or higher, and suggests that the genericity arguments used in string landscape discussions should be viewed with caution.
A black hole hologram in de Sitter space
In this paper we show that the entropy of de Sitter space with a black hole in arbitrary dimension can be understood using a modified Cardy-Verlinde entropy formula. We also comment on the observer
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Certain aspects of three dimensional asymptotically de Sitter spaces are studied, with emphasis on the mapping between gravity observables and the representation of the conformal symmetry of the
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Based on a heuristic boost argument, we propose that the 4 dimensional de Sitter space can be described by a spherical Chern-Simons matrix model near the cosmological horizon, or models generalizing
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These lectures present an elementary discussion of some background material relevant to the problem of de Sitter quantum gravity. The first two lectures discuss the classical geometry of de Sitter
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We study massive spinor fields in the geometry of a straight cosmic string in a de Sitter background. We find a hidden N = 2 supersymmetry in the fermionic solutions of the equations of motion. We
Inflation, holography, and the choice of vacuum in de Sitter space
A family of de Sitter vacua introduced in hep-th/0203198 as plausible initial conditions for inflation, are discussed from the point of view of de Sitter holography. The vacua are argued to be


DeSitter entropy, quantum entanglement and ADS/CFT
A de Sitter brane-world bounding regions of anti-de Sitter space has a macroscopic entropy given by one-quarter the area of the observer horizon. A proposed variant of the AdS/CFT correspondence
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Quantum gravity in 2+1 dimensions with a positive cosmological constant can be represented as an SL(2,C) Chern-Simons gauge theory. The symmetric vacuum of this theory is a degenerate configuration
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We discuss quotients of Anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetime by a discrete group in light of the AdS-CFT correspondence. Some quotients describe closed universes which expand from zero volume to a maximum
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A general analysis of all possible super-extensions of anti-de Sitter and de Sitter algebrasO(3, 2) andO(4, 1) is presented. It is shown that actions with de Sitter local supersymmetry exist, but
Microscopic origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy
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The correspondence between string theory in Anti-de Sitter space and super Yang Mills theory is an example of the Holographic principle according to which a quantum theory with gravity must be
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The D-bound on the entropy of matter systems in de Sitter space is shown to be closely related to the Bekenstein bound, which applies in a flat background. This holds in arbitrary dimensions if the
Anti-de Sitter (AdS) space can be foliated by a family of nested surfaces homeomorphic to the boundary of the space. We propose a holographic correspondence between theories living on each surface in
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