Deconstructing angular correlations in ZH, ZZ, and WW production at CERN LEP 2

  title={Deconstructing angular correlations in ZH, ZZ, and WW production at CERN LEP 2},
  author={Gregory Mahlon and Stephen J. Parke},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We apply a generalized spin-basis analysis to associated Higgs production and gauge boson pair production at LEP. This framework allows us to identify a choice of spin axes for the processes e+ e- --> ZH,ZZ which leads to strikingly different correlations among the decay products, even well above threshold. This spin basis optimizes the difference in the angular correlations for these two processes. In contrast, the same distributions display little contrast when the helicity basis is used. We… 
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2 σ/[d(cos χ)d(cos ¯ χ)] for the processes e + e − → W + W − → µ + ν µ µ − ¯ ν µ in the helicity
  • FIG. 18. Double differential decay distributions+−)-maximized, beamline, and [(+0) + (0−)]-maximized bases. χ ( ¯ χ) is the angle between the µ − (µ + ) and the spin axis, as viewed in the W − (W + ) rest frame. For completely uncorrelated decays
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