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Decomposition of the Flow Polynomial Graphs and Combinatorics

  title={Decomposition of the Flow Polynomial Graphs and Combinatorics},
  author={Kyoko Sekine and C. Q. Zhangj}


A contribution to the theory of chromatic polynomials
Summary Two polynomials θ(G, n) and ϕ(G, n) connected with the colourings of a graph G or of associated maps are discussed. A result believed to be new is proved for the lesser-known polynomial ϕ(G,
An Introduction to Chromatic Polynomials
This paper will provide an introduction to chromatic polynomials. We will first define chromatic polynomials and related terms, and then derive important properties. Once the basics have been
Nowhere-zero 6-flows
Integer flows and cycle covers
  • G. Fan
  • Mathematics
    J. Comb. Theory, Ser. B
  • 1992
Nowhere-zero flows
Nowhere - zero flow problems