Decommissioning Forecasting and Operating Cost Estimation

  title={Decommissioning Forecasting and Operating Cost Estimation},
  • Published 2019
A Review of Exploration, Development, and Production Cost Offshore Newfoundland
Operators have spent $84 billion Canadian dollars in exploration, development, and production offshore Newfoundland, Canada, between 1966 and 2019, and have produced about 2 billion barrels of an
Identificação e valoração dos critérios de decisão em projetos de descomissionamento offshore
O cenario de volatilidade de precos do barril de petroleo causado pela pandemia COVID-19 ainda nao e totalmente conhecido por ainda estarmos vivenciando os impactos da abrupta alteracao da demanda.
Preparation of palladium catalysts using the strong electrostatic adsorption technique for stearic acid conversion via the deoxygenation process
The strong electrostatic adsorption (SEA) technique was used to prepare palladium catalysts on a graphene support to convert stearic acid to diesel-like hydrocarbon via a deoxygenation process. The
Evaluation of Changes in Expected Ultimate Recovery for US Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Fields, 1975–2016
  • M. Kaiser
  • Environmental Science
    Natural Resources Research
  • 2020
Quantifying the change in field expected ultimate recovery across time is an old and complex topic fraught with ambiguity and misinterpretation. In this paper, changes in recovery estimates performed