Decolourization of Melanoidin Containing Wastewater Using South African Coal Fly Ash

  title={Decolourization of Melanoidin Containing Wastewater Using South African Coal Fly Ash},
  author={Vincent Ojijo and Maurice Steven Onyango and Aoyi Ochieng and Fred A. O. Otieno},
Batch adsorption of recalcitrant melanoidin using the abundantly available coal fly ash was carried out. It had low specific surface area (SBET) of 1.7287 m2/g and pore volume of 0.002245 cm3/g while qualitative evaluation of the predominant phases in it was done by XRD analysis. Colour removal efficiency was found to be dependent on various factors studied. Maximum colour removal was achieved around pH 6, whereas increasing sorbent mass from 10g/L to 200 g/L enhanced colour reduction from 25… CONTINUE READING


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