Decolorization of Ranocid Fast Blue dye by bacterial consortium SV5.

  title={Decolorization of Ranocid Fast Blue dye by bacterial consortium SV5.},
  author={Sini Mathew and Datta Madamwar},
  journal={Applied biochemistry and biotechnology},
  volume={118 1-3},
Synthetic dyes are not uniformly susceptible to degradation in conventional wastewater treatment processes. A number of biotechnological processes have been suggested as of potential interest in combating these pollutants in an ecofriendly manner. We determined the optimal parameters necessary for the bacterial consortium SV5 to decolorize Ranocid Fast Blue dye. The best results were obtained with a 0.1% (w/v) concentration of both starch and yeast extract supplemented in Bushnell Hass Medium… CONTINUE READING

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