Decolonizing the Atmosphere: The Climate Justice Movement on Climate Debt

  title={Decolonizing the Atmosphere: The Climate Justice Movement on Climate Debt},
  author={R. Warlenius},
  journal={The Journal of Environment \& Development},
  pages={131 - 155}
  • R. Warlenius
  • Published 2018
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Environment & Development
A central concept raised by the climate justice movement is climate debt. Here, the claims and warrants of the movement support for climate debt is identified through an argumentation analysis of their central manifestos. It is found that the climate debt claim is understood as primarily restorative, in the sense that the environmental space of the developing countries must be returned, “decolonized.” The damage caused by climate change also gives rise to a compensatory adaptation debt. The… Expand

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