Decolonising Social Work Research with Families Experiencing Intergenerational Trauma

  title={Decolonising Social Work Research with Families Experiencing Intergenerational Trauma},
  author={Shanaaz Hoosain},
  journal={Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development},
  • S. Hoosain
  • Published 19 June 2018
  • Sociology
  • Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development
This article focuses on social work research with displaced families in the Western Cape, South Africa, who have experienced both the historical trauma of their slave past and the trauma of displacement during apartheid. In a similar context, aboriginal academic writers have found that initial studies of intergenerational trauma did not take into account the historical ordeal of colonialism which they believe has left its mark on aboriginal communities today. Intergenerational trauma has also… 
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