Decoding asynchronous sequences

  title={Decoding asynchronous sequences},
  author={V. O. Vasyukevich},
  journal={Automatic Control and Computer Sciences},
  • V. O. Vasyukevich
  • Published 1 April 2007
  • Computer Science
  • Automatic Control and Computer Sciences
The problem of decoding the input actions of a logical circuit with elements of vennjunction is solved. As the input action we will consider not individual suites of input signals, but instead sequences of such signals. These sequences are asynchronous in nature. A method of constructing a decoder based on a cascade connection of conjunctors is presented. 
Analytics of trigger functions
A classification system for asynchronous triggers is suggested and conditions for the emergence of dangerous signal competition in trigger circuits are determined.
Conventional and unconventional reversible logic gates on Physarum polycephalum
  • A. Schumann
  • Engineering
    Int. J. Parallel Emergent Distributed Syst.
  • 2017
This paper considers different ways of designing reversible logic gates on Physarum polycephalum motions using controlling stimuli such as attractants and repellents, where the number of inputs and outputs is uncertain.


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