Decline in the Primary Productivity of Northwestern European Forests as a Consequence of Climate Aridization

  title={Decline in the Primary Productivity of Northwestern European Forests as a Consequence of Climate Aridization},
  author={Pavel Voronin and Pavel Konovalov and Viktor Bolondinskii and L. K. Kaipiainen and Zi-jun Mao},
  journal={Russian Journal of Plant Physiology},
Average annual age-dependent changes of carbon accumulation in the stemwood of major forest species (pine, spruce, and birch) of the taiga zone of the northwestern European Russia (Karelia) were analyzed. The changes in carbon accumulation were assessed by comparing carbon reserves in tree stands of various ages. Net primary productivity of photosynthesis (NPP) and the proportionality coefficient between respiratory decarboxylation and carbon reserves in wood were calculated. NPP clearly… 
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The conclusion is that the primary photosynthetic productivity, which limits the production process, determines the dependence of the volume of the northern-taiga carbon reservoir on the latitude and climatic parameters.
Involvement of Exported Photosynthetic Products in the CO2Exchange of the Skeletal Shoots of Pine
Only this component of CO2evolution from the surface of the skeletal part of the tree was related to the losses of the net primary photosynthetic production in the aboveground part ofThe pine stand during the current growth period.
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