Decision-making for successful product development

  title={Decision-making for successful product development},
  author={Robert A. Powell and Dennis M. Buede},
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Knowledge-based collaborative decision making in product design
Functions Customer relationship Market constraints Task relationships Politics Culture Creativity Heuristic Analysis of requirements Analyzing from pervious case Guess Asking colleagues for past
Lean Product Development Research: Current State and Future Directions
Abstract: Lean Product Development (LPD) is one of the leading approaches currently being adopted by organizations attempting to maximize value, increase quality, shorten lead times, and lower costs
Collaborative Product Development : A collaborative decision-making approach
Currently, there is little or no methodology or methods available to "process improvers" in product development which focus on decision-making fundamentals in order to improve the performance of
Deriving projects from the organisational vision using the Vision-to-Projects (V2P) Framework
This article shows how participatory action research was applied in the development of the V2P Framework and provides organisations with a framework that can be used to derive projects from the organisational vision and strategies, thereby ensuring continuous alignment.
Managing new product development process: a proposal of a theoretical model about their dimensions and the dynamics of the process
The development of products consists of a process that involves knowledge and several functional areas and presents a high degree of complexity and iteration in its execution. The literature presents