Decision fusion and reasoning for traffic sign recognition


A novel approach for a decision fusion and reasoning system for vision-based traffic sign recognition is presented. This module consists of several steps. In the first stage, a track-based Bayesian fusion scheme is used to fuse the classification results from each frame to obtain a fusion result for each track to decide whether a sign is present and also to determine the sign type. In order to determine the sign type, the temporal fusion scheme has been combined with a decision tree. In the second stage, the system combines and fuses probable identical objects which help to further reduce failures in the recognition process. The decision is based on the fusion results as well as a position cue. Finally, a reasoning module is used to decide which of the passed signs should be shown to the driver. In addition to these modules, a general evaluation method for multi-class tracking systems is shown. While some failures are observed from the evaluation on object level, the additional post processing steps improve the system in such a way that the finally presented signs are almost always correct on the test set.

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