Decision Support Systems

  title={Decision Support Systems},
  author={Daniel J. Power and Ramesh Sharda},
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This chapter places decision automation in a broader context of using information technologies in decision making. Key definitions and a brief history of computerized decision support create important boundaries. Then a description and explanation of characteristics of computerized decision support systems (DSS) clarifies this application domain. After reviewing management information needs, a modern taxonomy of decision support systems is briefly summarized. Issues associated with building DSS… 
A Decision Support System for the Design and Evaluation of Sustainable Wastewater Solutions
A decision support system (DSS) prototype that is designed to help community planners identify solutions which balance environmental, economic, and social goals and provides an adaptable platform from which new solutions can be designed without having to predefine how a single component fits within a specific system.
Semantic information and knowledge integration through argumentative reasoning to support intelligent decision making
This article provides formal syntax and semantics for the Web@KIDSS, proposes a conceptual framework for knowledge integration, and devise a methodology for sharing the results of Web@IDSS in Argument Interchange Format (AIF) format.
Problem restructuring for better decision making in recurring decision situations
The results demonstrate that the problem-restructuring approach is a promising one for improving the performance of agents on sequentially dependent decisions and that the methods carry over, to some extent, also to human decision makers.
A simulation-based decision support system for industrial field service network planning
A model-driven decision support system that uses discrete event simulation to support decision makers in various aspects of strategic design and tactical planning while keeping investments low in terms of time consumption and money spending is presented.
ICT-supported collaborative decision processes in extreme events : a comparative study
Making decisions at the right time and in the right way is vital in dealing with extreme events. However, uncertainties and severe time constraints usually make the tasks hard and stressful. Since
Database Environmental Change Impact Prediction for Human-driven Tuning in Real-time (DECIPHER)
A holistic autonomic tuning knowledge model that extends the existing autonomic tuned reference model by incorporating the organizationspecific environmental change impact knowledge and a theory based framework called “DECIPHER” that not only acquires this knowledge component but does so in a proactive fashion.
A Defeasible Logic Programming-Based Framework to Support Argumentation in Semantic Web Applications
This book reports on the development and validation of a generic defeasible logic programming framework for carrying out argumentative reasoning in Semantic Web applications ([email protected], which is expected to have a significant impact on future business applications.


A brief history of decision support systems
This paper chronicles and explores the developments in DSS beginning with building model-oriented DSS in the late 1960s, theory developments in the 1970s, and the implementation of financial planning systems and Group D SS in the early and mid 80s, as well as the origins of Executive Information Systems, OLAP and Business Intelligence.
Specifying An Expanded Framework for Classifying and DescribingDecision Support Systems
  • D. Power
  • Computer Science
    Commun. Assoc. Inf. Syst.
  • 2004
An expanded conceptual framework for classifying and describing Decision Support Systems (DSS) that consists of one primary dimension and three secondary dimensions, which may be a mainframe computer, a client/server LAN, a spreadsheet or a webbased technology architecture.
Supporting Decision-Makers: An Expanded Framework
The goal in proposing this expanded DSS framework is to help people understand how to integrate, evaluate and select appropriate means for supporting and informing.
A Framework for the Development of Decision Support Systems
A descriptive model is developed to assess the performance objectives and the capabilities of a DSS as viewed by three of the major participants in their continued development and use.
Integrating simulation modelling and GIS: spatial decision support systems for evacuation planning
The aim has been to design a SDSS so that it provides an interactive evacuation simulator with dynamic graphics that allows for experimentation with policies by providing rapid feedback from the simulation.
Gallupe : A foundation for the study of group decision support systems
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