Decision Support Systems (DSS) in fracture treatment.


Systems for analysis and verification of final treatment results (outcomes) play articular role in medical sciences. Data collected by Decision Support Systems (DSS) allows the making of multivariable analysis and optimalized clinical decision. The options of applying the Decision Support Systems (DSS) in orthopaedics traumatology based on fracture treatment with special interest in fracture diagnostics and healing monitoring are described. The paper explains value of operational systems, central database, sort of data collected, analytical tools and data delivery system. Authors also emphasize telemedicine approach to DSS of fracture treatment.

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@article{Kornacki1999DecisionSS, title={Decision Support Systems (DSS) in fracture treatment.}, author={M. Kornacki and Wojciech Glinkowski}, journal={Ortopedia, traumatologia, rehabilitacja}, year={1999}, volume={1 1}, pages={71-4} }