Decision Support System to Majoring High School Student Using Simple Additive Weighting Method

  title={Decision Support System to Majoring High School Student Using Simple Additive Weighting Method},
  author={Dyah Pratiwi and Juliana Putri Lestari and R. Dewi Agushinta},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology},
Decision choice problems occur in every age levels, including teen-age when students will go to higher school level education. Senior High School is the first level of education that student chooses and follows the majoring class of their interest. But students usually simply select the major not based on a careful consideration or reckoning. Therefore, Decision Support System that can help students in choosing majors is needed. The system will be developed as a web-based application program… 

Comparative Analysis of Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Student Degree Completion Time based on Entropy Weighted

The result showed that the fourth grade point average has the biggest impact on degree-completion time and weighted product is the best method to use with percentage of accuracy 61.3 percent and precision 52.85 percent.

Developing decision support systems using the weighted product method for house selection

The general objective of the research is to provide a web-based decision support systems based on the weighted product method for house selection, which can be used as an alternative for helping non-experienced users to make decision as good as an expert.

A Decision Support System using ANFIS to Determine the Major of Prospective Students in A Vocational School of Indonesia

A decision support system (DSS) plays an important role in accurately determining optimal solutions or decisions in a variety of ways, including the activity of selecting most appropriate major for


The application will be built for helping school manager tasks such as: improving teacher performance, Measuring student performance, determination of poor students scholarship, selecting outstanding teachers and providing scholarships.

Decision Support System Selection of Aviation Student Departments with TOPSIS method

In LPP the selection of majors is not a matter of intelligence but a problem of students' interests and talents, so it is necessary to have a Decision Support System that will help process data.

Decision Support System for Determining the Scholarship Recipients using Simple Additive Weighting (SAW)

Penelitian awardees will analyze the determination of the scholarship recipients based intelligent computing systems to help the working team selectors scholarship in performing the selection of scholarship, can accelerate scholarship selection process, can reduce errors in determining the scholarships recipients, and can facilitateteam selectors in determiningThe recipients.

Design of Decision Support System for Mapping Student Interest in Information Technology and Computing Specialization

This research is to develop and develop a decision support system to map and provide direction in the suitability of specialization in the field of computer / information technology to students.

Simple Additive Weighting Method in the Development of a System Assessing the Feasibility of Job Training Industry

The activities of the job training is an activity that must be implemented at Vocational Secondary School, then the school must choose many places of thejob training industry by the respective expertise of program participants, so it is necessary that information systems can assist the school in selecting the jobTraining industry by producing the decision support.

Implementation Of The Simple Additive Weighting Method At Universitas Terbuka Mataram For New Employee Recruitment

An agency will thrive if it is supported by qualified employees. So that employees are certainly one of the most important assets in an institution, both private and public institutions, so that

Application for Employee Performance Assessment Using Profile Matching Method

Human resources an important role for the agency. Good employee performance can provide a good image for the company. Many companies give rewards or rewards to their employees for their work



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