Deciphering mesenteric venous thrombosis: imaging and treatment.

  title={Deciphering mesenteric venous thrombosis: imaging and treatment.},
  author={Andre D Grisham and Joann Lohr and J. Michael Guenther and Amy M. Engel},
  journal={Vascular and endovascular surgery},
  volume={39 6},
The principal cause of a high mortality rate in mesenteric vein thrombosis (MVT) is a delay in diagnosis. Recent data indicate that the mortality rate is decreasing owing to earlier diagnosis and anticoagulation. The authors examined the treatment profile of MVT to see how the increased use of imaging and early anticoagulation has impacted this process. They retrospectively analyzed the treatment paradigm with acute MVT at one institution over a 10-year period. Twenty-three patients were… CONTINUE READING
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