Decimation Filter Design : A Toolbox Approach

  • Published 2012


A mulli-standard decimation .filter design (!lien involves extellSive system level analysis and architeclllral partitioning, typical/.v requiring extensive calculations. This chapter describes a lIlultistage decimation filter desigll tool developed in MATLAB" lIsing Graphical User In/{!I/ace Development Environment (GUIDE) for visual analysis. The toolbox is designed for six popular ll'ireless communication standards consisling of' GSM WCDMA, WLANa, WLANh. WLANg andWiMAX. This chapter also presents a cOlllputatiol1al(v efficient po~vphase implementation (~l non-recursive cascaded integrator comb (CIC) decimator for Sigma-Delta Converters. This po(vphase ill1l,lementation (~[rers high speed opaa/ioll and low power consumption/or thejirsl stage % /IIullis/age decimator.

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