Decidual CD8+CD28- T cells express CD103 but not perforin.

  title={Decidual CD8+CD28- T cells express CD103 but not perforin.},
  author={Tamara Tilburgs and Sicco A. Scherjon and Dave L Roelen and Franz H J Claas},
  journal={Human immunology},
  volume={70 2},
Maternal lymphocytes at the fetal-maternal interface play a key role in the immune acceptance of the allogeneic fetus. Decidual NK cells have shown to contain immune modulatory properties and may facilitate fetal trophoblast invasion into maternal tissue. More recently, CD4+CD25(bright)FOXP3+ Treg cells have been shown to be concentrated in decidual tissue and to be able to suppress both fetus-specific and nonspecific responses. However CD8+ T cells form the largest fraction of T cells at the… CONTINUE READING

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