Decidability of Split Equivalence


We show that the following problem is decidable: given expressions E1 and E2 constructed from variables by the regular operations and shuffle, is the identity E1 = E2 true for all instantiations of its variables by strings? Our proof uses the notations developed in the causal approach to concurrency. As a byproduct we obtain decidability of similar equivalence for other formalisms. In particular, we prove decidability of split equivalence for Petri nets. Our paper also provides an alternative proof for a characterization of split equivalence recently given by W.Vogler.

DOI: 10.1006/inco.2001.3074

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@article{Abramson2002DecidabilityOS, title={Decidability of Split Equivalence}, author={Y. Abramson and Alexander Moshe Rabinovich}, journal={Inf. Comput.}, year={2002}, volume={173}, pages={15-39} }