Decentralizing electoral campaigns? New-old parties, grassroots and digital activism

  title={Decentralizing electoral campaigns? New-old parties, grassroots and digital activism},
  author={J. Lobera and M. Portos},
  journal={Information, Communication \& Society},
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ABSTRACT Recent studies suggest that new parties display new patterns of digital mobilization. We shed light on this debate: do new party supporters engage in online political activities to a greater extent during electoral campaigns? Do they share political images or quotes on social media, participate in political forums, or exchange political messages with their friends more often than supporters of traditional parties? No. Drawing on a post-electoral survey dataset in Spain, we find that… Expand
Understanding movement parties through their communication
ABSTRACT In many countries, movement parties have gained traction among the electorate. This special issue spotlights the communication of movement parties as an avenue for researching their purchaseExpand


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Internet use for political mobilization: Voices of participants
  • N. Hara
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • First Monday
  • 2008
The voices of people who participated in political activities coordinated by MoveOn during the 2004 presidential election campaigns are reported to call for further development of a theoretical framework for collective action facilitated via online and taking place offline. Expand
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Political activism online: organization and media relations in the case of 15M in Spain
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