Decentralisation without decentralisation: Bangladesh’s failed attempt to transfer power from the central government to local governments

  title={Decentralisation without decentralisation: Bangladesh’s failed attempt to transfer power from the central government to local governments},
  author={Pranab Kumar Panday},
  journal={Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration},
  pages={177 - 188}
  • P. Panday
  • Published 3 July 2017
  • Political Science
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration
This article addresses decentralising initiatives in Bangladesh with reference, first, to significant literature on decentralisation in the context of development and, thereafter, to a particular reform involving the introduction of the Upazila Parishad (UZP) as a potentially important tier of local government. While the reform heralded a possible expansion of local participation and the taking of responsive local action, the functioning of the UZP has not lived up to the promises and… 

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