December 2004: one-year-old girl with aggressive skull tumor.

  title={December 2004: one-year-old girl with aggressive skull tumor.},
  author={Merdas Al-Otaibi and Boleslaw Lach and Essam Al Shail},
  journal={Brain pathology},
  volume={15 2},
December 2004. Twelve-month old girl presented with recurrent subcutaneous lesion in the left parietal region, one year after excision of a "benign" tumor. An MRI demonstrated left temporo-parietal skull tumor infiltrating the soft tissue, surrounding craniotomy flap, and extending to the brain parenchyma. Biopsy revealed biphasic neoplasm displaying nests of poorly differentiated neuroblastic cells positive for synaptophysin and pigmented cuboidal epithelioid cell positive for keratins… CONTINUE READING