Deceitful Tongues: Is Climate Change Denial A Crime?

  title={Deceitful Tongues: Is Climate Change Denial A Crime?},
  author={W. C. Tucker},
  journal={Ecology Law Quarterly},
The consequences of global warming and associated climate changes are now apparent. No longer can there be any doubt that anthropogenic (humancaused) warming of the Earth is happening, caused mainly by greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, from burning fossil fuels. Climate change poses a grave threat to humankind. The world is already experiencing the consequences of global warming: more frequent and prolonged droughts, increasingly severe and more frequent storms, rising sea… Expand
Interconnections: Greenhouse Gas Pollution, Climate Change, and Land Use Change
Since the close of the Pleistocene, humans have altered the planet through, in part, agriculture, settlement, and industrial activities. This alteration has accelerated in the last century to theExpand
Criminological Perspectives on Climate Change, Violence and Ecocide
  • Rob White
  • Political Science
  • Current Climate Change Reports
  • 2017
Purpose of ReviewThe object of this article is to review recent criminological writings on climate change and its implications for violence.Recent FindingsCriminological literature tends to focus onExpand
Controlling the coronavirus narrative
  • N. Bharti
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Science
  • 2020
To combat new misinformation, scientists must communicate clearly and dispute inaccurate, politically motivated narratives and work across disciplines and integrate multiple communication strategies to make scientific evidence understandable, engaging, and approachable. Expand
Dealing with climate science denialism: experiences from confrontations with other forms of pseudoscience
ABSTRACT Climate science denialism is a form of pseudoscience. This contribution provides proposals for how to counter it, based on previous research on the demarcation between science andExpand
Science denial as a form of pseudoscience.
  • S. Hansson
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Studies in history and philosophy of science
  • 2017
It is argued that science denialism should be seen as one of the two major forms of pseudoscience, alongside of pseudotheory promotion, and a detailed comparison is made between three prominent forms of science denialists. Expand
Landing the Climate SDG into South Africa’s Development Trajectory: Mitigation Policies, Strategies and Institutional Setup
Landing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into national development policies and development trajectories remain one of the desired outcomes to 2030. This paper teases out how South AfricaExpand


A path to sustainable energy by 2030.
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