Deceit, Disguise, and Dependence: China, Japan, and the Future of the Tributary System, 1592–1596

  title={Deceit, Disguise, and Dependence: China, Japan, and the Future of the Tributary System, 1592–1596},
  author={Kenneth M. Swope},
  journal={The International History Review},
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Historians relations since John King Fairbank conceived of a 'Chinese world order' more than thirty years ago.1 The theory 'posited ... a Chinese myth of central superiority',2 by which the Chinese emperor, as the self-proclaimed son of Heaven, extended a benevolent rule over less enlightened barbarian neighbours whose rulers were eager to bask in the glow of Chinese culture and civilization. Scholars have long recognized that the practice fell short of the theory: recent works on particular… Expand
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