Decay spectroscopy of Sc50 and Sc50m to Ti50

  title={Decay spectroscopy of 
  author={Michael Bowry and C. E. Jones and A. B. Garnsworthy and G. C. Ball and S. Cruz and S. Georges and Greg Hackman and Jason D. Holt and J. Measures and B. Olaizola and H. P. Patel and Christopher John Pearson and C. E. Svensson},
  journal={Physical Review C},
The $\beta$ decay of the isomeric and ground state of $^{50}$Sc to the semi-magic nucleus $^{50}_{22}$Ti$_{28}$ has been studied using a $^{50}$Ca beam delivered to the GRIFFIN $\gamma$-ray spectrometer at the TRIUMF-ISAC facility. $\beta$-decay branching ratios are reported to 16 excited states with a total of 38 $\gamma$-ray transitions linking them. These new data significantly expands the information available over previous studies. Relative intensities are measured to less than 0.001… 

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