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Decay of Fourier coefficients for Furstenberg measures

  title={Decay of Fourier coefficients for Furstenberg measures},
  author={T. C. Dinh and Lucas Kaufmann and Hao Wu},
Let ν be the Furstenberg measure associated with a non-elementary probability measure μ on SL2(R). We show that, when μ has a finite second moment, the Fourier coefficients of ν tend to zero at infinity. In other words, ν is a Rajchman measure. This improves a recent result of Jialun Li. 

Random walks on SL_2(C): spectral gap and limit theorems

We obtain various new limit theorems for random walks on SL2(C) under low moment conditions. For non-elementary measures with a finite second moment we prove a Local Limit Theorem for the norm



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: We study products of random matrices in SL 2 ( C ) from the point of view of holomorphic dynamics. For non-elementary measures with finite first moment we obtain the exponential convergence towards

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Let $\Gamma$ be a Zariski dense Kleinian Schottky subgroup of PSL2(C). Let $\Lambda(\Gamma)$ be its limit set, endowed with a Patterson-Sullivan measure $\mu$ supported on $\Lambda(\Gamma)$. We show

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Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Measure theoretic preliminaries 3. Fourier transforms 4. Hausdorff dimension of projections and distance sets 5. Exceptional projections and Sobolev

Products of Random Matrices with Applications to Schrödinger Operators

A: "Limit Theorems for Products of Random Matrices".- I - The Upper Lyapunov Exponent.- 1. Notation.- 2. The upper Lyapunov exponent.- 3. Cocycles.- 4. The theorem of Furstenberg and Kesten.- 5.

Fourier dimension and spectral gaps for hyperbolic surfaces

We obtain an essential spectral gap for a convex co-compact hyperbolic surface $${M=\Gamma\backslash\mathbb H^2}$$M=Γ\H2 which depends only on the dimension $${\delta}$$δ of the limit set. More