Decatransin, a new natural product inhibiting protein translocation at the Sec61/SecYEG translocon.

  title={Decatransin, a new natural product inhibiting protein translocation at the Sec61/SecYEG translocon.},
  author={Tina Junne and Joanne Wong and Christian Studer and Thomas Aust and Benedikt W. Bauer and Martin Beibel and Bhupinder S Bhullar and Robert E Bruccoleri and Juerg Eichenberger and David Estoppey and Nicole Hartmann and Britta Knapp and Philipp Krastel and Nicolas Melin and Edward J. Oakeley and Lukas Oberer and Ralph Riedl and Guglielmo Roma and Sven Schuierer and Frank Petersen and John A. Tallarico and Tom A Rapoport and Martin Spiess and Dominic Hoepfner},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={128 6},
A new cyclic decadepsipeptide was isolated from Chaetosphaeria tulasneorum with potent bioactivity on mammalian and yeast cells. Chemogenomic profiling in S. cerevisiae indicated that the Sec61 translocon complex, the machinery for protein translocation and membrane insertion at the endoplasmic reticulum, is the target. The profiles were similar to those of cyclic heptadepsipeptides of a distinct chemotype (including HUN-7293 and cotransin) that had previously been shown to inhibit… CONTINUE READING
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