Decapoda Brachyura from Monte Argentario (Mediterranean Sea, central Tyrrhenian)

  title={Decapoda Brachyura from Monte Argentario (Mediterranean Sea, central Tyrrhenian)},
  author={Valerio Vignoli and Tancredi Caruso and Lucia Falciai},
[The paper is an annotated check list of the Decapoda Brachyura hitherto found in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off Monte Argentario at the southern end of the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy). The data were collected in the period 1998-2002 in the framework of a long-term programme to compile a checklist of all decapod taxa. Samples were collected on different substrates, at different depths (0-300 m) and with different collecting methods. Some of the species found are of biogeographical or ecological… Expand
Further records of two uncommon Crustaceans in Italian seas: Maja goltziana D'Oliveira, 1888 (Decapoda Brachyura Majidae) and Xaiva biguttata (Risso, 1816) (Decapoda Bra - chyura Portunidae)
The presence of Maja goltziana D'Oliveira, 1888 (Decapoda Brachyura Majidae) is confirmed in the central Tyrrhenian Sea and in the Tuscan archipelago. Xaiva biguttata (Risso, 1816) (DecapodaExpand
The spiny spider crab Maja goltziana (Crustacea: Majidae) in south Lebanese waters
The presence of M. goltziana is confirmed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, documenting the occurrence of a mature ovigerous female and reporting relatively high abundances for this species in the southern Lebanese waters. Expand
Northernmost record of the rare brachyuran crab, Paragalene longicrura (Nardo, 1868) (Decapoda, Progeryonidae) from the Istrian Peninsula (Adriatic Sea, Croatia)
Between 2014 and 2019, four specimens of Paragalene longicrura (Nardo, 1868) were accidentally caught in the Adriatic Sea near Pula (Istrian Peninsula, Croatia). These are the first records of theExpand
Inventory of Crustacea decapoda and stomatopoda from Rhodes island (Eastern Mediterranean Sea), with emphasis on rare and newly recorded species.
The occurrence of the pelagic crab Planes minutus is recorded for the first time in the Hellenic waters, while the finding of the species Parasquilla ferussaci, Paractaea monodi, Paragalene longicrura and Spinolambrus macrochelos, rarely captured in the Mediterranean Sea, is documented in detail. Expand
New records of two uncommon species, Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 (Decapoda, Calappidae) and Parasquilla ferrussaci (Roux, 1828) (Stomatopoda, Parasquillidae), from the Strait of Sicily (central Mediterranean Sea)
New records of two uncommon species, Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 (Decapoda, Calappidae) and Parasquilla ferrussaci (Roux, 1828) (Stomatopoda, Parasquillidae), from the Strait of Sicily (centralExpand
New records of Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 (Brachyura, Calappidae) from the central Mediterranean
Two specimens of the uncommon calappid crab Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 are reported from the central Mediterranean. One juvenile individual was caught in a trawl net at about 105 m depth on aExpand
The rare Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 is a juvenile stage of the common Calappa granulata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Brachyura: Calappidae)
Abstract In the Mediterranean Sea, four species of the genus Calappa (Family Calappidae) are known, namely Calappa granulata (type species of the genus by subsequent designation), Calappa pelii,Expand
A spatio-temporal study of the brachyuran assemblages at five marine habitats at Maavah Island, Laamu atoll, Maldives, was conducted for a period of two years from April 2001 to March 2003.Expand
A new alien species in the Mediterranean? On the presence of Sirpus monodi Gordon, 1953 (Brachyura, Pirimelidae) in Greece
Sirpus monodi, first described from West Africa and later reported from Mauritania and Congo, has now been found in the eastern Mediterranean and is reported on its occurrence in two Greek localities. Expand


Nomenclatural notes on Mediterranean species of Calappa Weber, 1795 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura)
The species name Calappa rissoana Pastore, 1995, is a junior synonym of both C. tuerkayana and C. webbiana Risso, 1977, and the possibility of a narrow relationship between, or even of a synonymy of, C. gallus has been pointed out. Expand
Recovery of the macrozoobenthic community after severe dystrophic crises in a Mediterranean coastal Lagoon (Orbetello, Italy).
The dominance of opportunistic species in most of the lagoon and the decrease in some structural parameters during summer suggested that this basin still presented signs of disturbance in 1999, six years after the last extended anoxic crises and even after completion of the restoration measures carried out in the environment. Expand
Crayfishes, Lobsters and Crabs of Europe
Crayfishes, lobsters and crabs of Europe , Crayfishes, lobsters and crabs of Europe , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
Inventaire et distribution des crustacés décapodes de l'Atlantique nord-oriental, de la Méditerranée et des eaux continentales adjacentes au nord de 25°N
  • 1999
Note sui crostacei decapodi dell'isola del giglio (Arcipelago Toscano)