Debussy the Man, His Music, and His Legacy: An Overview of Current Research

  title={Debussy the Man, His Music, and His Legacy: An Overview of Current Research},
  author={Jann Pasler},
  pages={197 - 216}
On the 150th anniversary of Debussy's birth, after four international conferences, this review of research in the past decade focuses on the man, his music, and his legacy. Debussy's opera Pelléas et Mélisande and his songs continue to capture the greatest interest, and scholars continue to investigate tonality, timbre, and time; his aesthetic in the context of painting, poetry, and dance; and reception and influence of his music, at home and abroad. The recent publication of 3,000 letters… 
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Steven Huebner and François de Médicis, eds, Debussy's Resonance (Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2018). xiv + 625 pp. £95.

The centenary of Debussy’s death, 2018, was a banner year for the composer, marked by conferences, publications, concerts, and new releases of recordings of his complete works. Debussy’s Resonance,

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Mythology played a vital role in the development of music in the Late Romantic and Impression-istic eras. Jean-Baptiste Camille-Corot’s Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld is an excellent

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Index to Volume 69: September 2012 through June 2013

Aaron Copland: Music in the 20s (DVD), 146– 47 Academic Charts Online, 599–602 Adams, John, Nixon in China, 555–57 African American men, identity, 761–65 Agawu, Kofi, r 274–77 Alexander, Peter M., r



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