Debunking the myth of the saubere Wehrmacht

  title={Debunking the myth of the saubere Wehrmacht},
  author={Michael Tymkiw},
  journal={Word \& Image},
  pages={485 - 492}
Abstract This paper will draw on key notions from several of Roland Barthes's texts to examine how the Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung1 (HIS) used word and photographic image to contest a widely held belief in post-Second World War Germany that Wehrmacht2 soldiers were not directly involved in committing Nazi war crimes. The first exhibition, ‘Vernichtungskrieg: Verbrechen der Wehrmacht 1941 bis 1944‘,3 ran from 1995 through to 1999 and was seen by roughly 860 000 visitors in 33 cities… 

Staging the German Family Photo Album: The Wehrmacht Exhibit and Thomas Bernhard’s Vor dem Ruhestand

In this article, I employ the notion of a Holocaust performative developed by Vivian Patraka and modifies it to accommodate German cultural production about the memory of Germans as Holocaust

A shock to thought: Curatorial judgment and the public exhibition of ‘difficult knowledge’

Many institutions of social memory have moved away from a singular emphasis on affirming presentations of patriotism, triumph and great deeds toward an appreciation of the potential for aggression

War museums as agonistic spaces: possibilities, opportunities and constraints

ABSTRACT Following the theorisation of museums as agonistic spaces and drawing on a comparative analysis of war museums located in various European countries, this paper argues that these



16 -English translation: Quarterly for history. 17 -Bogdan Musial. '13ilder einer AllssteUllng

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        The photogTaphic message

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