Debt Management Strategies of Local Governments in the EU

  title={Debt Management Strategies of Local Governments in the EU},
  author={L{\'a}szl{\'o} V{\'e}rtesy},
  journal={Pro Publico Bono - Magyar K{\"o}zigazgat{\'a}s},
  • L. Vértesy
  • Published 2 December 2020
  • Economics
  • Pro Publico Bono - Magyar Közigazgatás
A considerable part of public debt originates from the budgetary practices of local governments: this amounted to nearly 850 billion euros, which was 6.7% of the EU-28’s general government gross debt in 2018. This paper briefly presents the magnitude and relevance of local government debt at a national level, then it outlines the effective debt management strategies taking a multi-level governance approach. Four debt management categories can be classified: changing the conditions, repayment… 
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