Debrisoquine oxidation phenotype and neuroleptic-induced dystonic reactions.

  title={Debrisoquine oxidation phenotype and neuroleptic-induced dystonic reactions.},
  author={Edoardo Spina and V Sturiale and Sabrina Valvo and Maria Ancione and Antonio Enrico Di Rosa and Mario Meduri and Achille Patrizio Caputi},
  journal={Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={86 5},
To evaluate the role of defective drug oxidation as a predisposing factor for neuroleptic-induced dystonic reactions, 26 patients who developed the reaction and 53 with no history of dystonia were phenotyped by the debrisoquine hydroxylation test. The percentage of poor debrisoquine metabolizers was similar in patients with dystonic reactions (11.5%) and in the control group (9.4%). These results suggest that there is no association between the individual's drug oxidative status and the… CONTINUE READING