Deblur Rapidly Resolves Single-Nucleotide Community Sequence Patterns

  title={Deblur Rapidly Resolves Single-Nucleotide Community Sequence Patterns},
  author={Amnon Amir and Daniel McDonald and Jose A Navas-Molina and Evguenia Kopylova and James T. Morton and Zhenjiang Zech Xu and Eric P. Kightley and Luke R Thompson and Embriette R. Hyde and Antonio Gonzalez and Rob Knight},
High-throughput sequencing of 16S ribosomal RNA gene amplicons has facilitated understanding of complex microbial communities, but the inherent noise in PCR and DNA sequencing limits differentiation of closely related bacteria. Although many scientific questions can be addressed with broad taxonomic profiles, clinical, food safety, and some ecological applications require higher specificity. Here we introduce a novel sub-operational-taxonomic-unit (sOTU) approach, Deblur, that uses error… CONTINUE READING
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