Debates on the Narcissism Conundrum: Trait, Domain, Dimension, Type, or Disorder?

  title={Debates on the Narcissism Conundrum: Trait, Domain, Dimension, Type, or Disorder?},
  author={R. Alarc{\'o}n and Silvana Sarabia},
  journal={The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease},
Abstract The clinical implications of the term narcissism are a matter of continuous debate. This article critically examines pertinent literature of the last 12 years using a set of validators and attempting to identify narcissism as a trait, a domain, a dimension, or a personality disorder/type. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)–specific literature (particularly in epidemiological, developmental, and laboratory-testing areas) is scarce when compared with other personality disorders. A… Expand
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