Death of a Princess

  title={Death of a Princess},
  author={M. Kirby},
  journal={Capital \& Class},
  pages={29 - 41}
  • M. Kirby
  • Published 1 March 1998
  • Economics
  • Capital & Class
THE DEATH OF PRINCESS DIANA in the early hours of the 31st August 1997 and its aftermath have led to a number of propositions being aired in the Press, two of which are notable. First, it is argued that Princess Diana was in some way a radical/progressive figure, and second, following on from this, that the large number of people involved in the events surrounding the aftermath of her death were also in some way radical or progressive. This rather contradictory outpouring was a massive… 
Doing double duty
This study draws on journalistic discourse about the death of Princess Diana to frame everyday newswork as cultural ritual, and show how some kinds of newswork serve to maintain and restore the core
Zog for Albania, Edward for Estonia, and Monarchs for All the Rest? The Royal Road to Prosperity, Democracy, and World Peace
Monarchy has been the predominant form of governance throughout recorded history, and its hegemony extended well into the twentieth century. On the eve of World War I, only four nations in Europe,
Speaking About The Unspoken: Saudi Culture and Islamic Law in Antony Thomas’s Docudrama Death of a Princess
During recent decades, third world countries, especially Arab nations, have become concerned about their image in Western mass media. Arab commentators claim that coverage of their region “is often
Jill Meagher CCTV
“Jill Meagher CCTV,” the security camera recording of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher's last minutes alive, registered more than 677,000 views on YouTube by early 2014. Little happens for most of its
Germanicus und Lady Di : zur öffentlichen Verarbeitung zweier Todesfälle
Der September des Jahres 1997 bot der Welt ein bemerkenswertes Schauspiel: Der Unfalltod der Princess of Wales fuhrte zu einer nicht fur moglich gehaltenen Welle offentlicher Trauer – nicht nur in
Regulation, Nach-Fordismus und „global cities“ — Ursachen der Armut
Mit diesem Beitrag sollen Erscheinungsformen von Armut in ein Erklarungskonzept eingebunden werden, mit dem sowohl die Zwangslaufigkeit der Entwicklung von Armut, als auch Armut als Bestandteil


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Many of the traditions which we think of as very ancient in their origins were not in fact sanctioned by long usage over the centuries, but were invented comparative recently. This book explores
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Presenting a sustained and concrete challenge to the current political consensus, this reference identifies the radical alternative of adopting socialism as the key issue facing civilization and the
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Written: December 1851 March 1852; Source: Chapters 1 & 7 are translated by Saul K. Padover from the German edition of 1869; Chapters 2 through 6 are based on the third edition, prepared by Engels
Reformation to Industrial Revolution
Part 1 - argument 1530-1780. Part 2 From Reformation to revolution - national unification the people agriculture and agrarian relations trade, colonies and foreign policy industry and government
民族与民族主义 = Nations and Nationalism Since 1780
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Documents about the work Nations and nationalism since 1780 (1990) / Eric John Hobsbawm (1917-2012) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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