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Death is only the beginning : Egyptian funerary customs at the Macquarie Museum of Ancient Cultures

  title={Death is only the beginning : Egyptian funerary customs at the Macquarie Museum of Ancient Cultures},
  author={Yann Tristant and Mary Ellen Ryan and Effy Alexakis and Susanne Binder},
Founded in 1974 as the Ancient History Teaching Collection (AHTC), the Museum of Ancient Cultures (MAC) is the archaeological museum of Macquarie University. The MAC main collection comprises c. 4700 genuine artefacts from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Rome, the Near East and the Indus Valley. The Egyptian collection is widely regarded as one of the most important in Australia. This is the first catalogue of the collection detailing 72 Ancient Egyptian artefacts associated with funerary… 
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  • Khamis Z.
  • Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration Studies
  • 2021



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