Death in patients with permanent pacemakers for sick sinus syndrome.

  title={Death in patients with permanent pacemakers for sick sinus syndrome.},
  author={Greg C. Flaker and Arnold J. Greenspon and Barbara E. Tardiff and Eleanor P Schron and Lee W Goldman and Anne S. Hellkamp and Kerry L. Lee and Gervasio A. Lamas},
  journal={American heart journal},
  volume={146 5},
BACKGROUND Although more than one million patients in the United States have permanent pacemakers, little is known about their cause of death. We evaluated the cause of death in 404 patients who died in the Mode Selection Trial (MOST). METHODS In MOST, patients received a dual-chamber pacemaker randomly programmed to either dual-chamber or ventricular pacing. The circumstances surrounding each death were reviewed by a clinical events committee, which used prospectively defined criteria to… CONTINUE READING